Friday, 26 June 2009

This is my corner and I will argue it

Now here's a fantastic blog post from the incomprable Charlotte Gore and another excellent comment from the wonderful Costigan Quist!

I think there definitely needs to be a serious debate about the particular reforms of the electoral system needed, but that's not what I want to talk about here.

Those inspirational LibDem members have helped me decide what to do with this blog (I've be shamefully neglecting you recently, NYOOTW!). While I've built up my other project introducing various debates as they affect the local political scene I've found myself inhibited from voicing my own opinions (and I'm not short of them as most people can assure you).

The problems of failing to reach a conclusion about the right direction to take doesn't leave us with the least worst option, because until we properly debate all the issues we can't be considered to have informed ourselves sufficiently to make any sort of adequate choice. The consequence of which is that 'we' can't adapt our behaviour to the situation and 'we' will run into all sorts of new problems 'we' hadn't considered, hadn't prepared any contingency plans for and therefore can't mitigate against.

So it's no wonder 'we' feel voiceless, powerless and are forever being surprised by what happens around us!

So now is the time to signal a change in direction and make this a more personal blog participating in debate, rather than just passing comment on it.

I might not yet be out of the woods, but it feels like this is a clearing where I can see some light!

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Jennie said...

Tip: if you change the settings of your feed to "full" from "just url" more people will see and engage with your opinions