Saturday, 17 April 2010

Songs of the week

Change is the big theme of the election.

Controversy was initiated when the PR team behind tory leader David Cameron decided to use Keane's song as an anthem for their manifesto launch against the wishes of the band when apparently members had already granted exclusive use to the LibDems.

The tory machine has clearly thought they've found a theme which taps into the pop culture consciousness as they've signed up Take That's Gary Barlow to front a policy initiative to unearth new talent in an X-Factor style search.

But it is eerily reminiscent of previous criticism of David Cameron for naming The Jam's 'Eton Rifles' and The Smiths as his favorites.

The only fair conclusion to be drawn is that either the tory leader doesn't listen to the content of the music he listens to and has failed to grasp the intent behind it or that his acolytes are cynically pushing him into adopting it.

Obviously the tories are only talking change since their rhetoric doesn't chime with reality.

Will Young is another LibDem who'd also be opposed to the tories using his songs.

And you just have to wonder how long it'll be before they make overtures towards David Bowie.


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