Sunday, 8 February 2009

I knew I was in the right party when I saw...

Mangoes, mmm!


asquith said...

Oats are now certified trendy having been endorsed by 2 respected types. Not only does Clegg eat them, they are praised by the Grauniad, in the form (oatcakes) which I have always loved.

You have to watch out for some of the mass-produced shite which is often served to people outside the city. Outlets in the Potteries will make their own. I grew up a stone's throw from one. We used to go there on Saturday mornings. It is a lot healthier than wheat!

Unlike most, I prefer mine with butter & jam as a sort of sweet dish. I am a vegetarian & don't like cheese, so that puts paid to the more common ways of eating them.

I am led to believe you can make your own, but haven't yet.

He also probably goes to the shite parts of the Peak District, rather than the vastly superior parts which are in Staffordshire & no one has ever heard of.

You can have a right good time at The Roaches & visit the Wanking Man (ok, its real name is the Winking Man, but still).

Was proper glad to read those two pieces of business.

Oranjepan said...

And there was I thinking that cracking your nuts with a stone is not best dinner table etiquette!

I say have your oats any way which pleases you (within reason).

asquith said...

You can get oaten bread & oaten biscuits from Duchy Originals.

There is also an oat-based drink called Oatly which you can buy in health stores. It is nicer, & in fact environmentally friendly, than soy (which I do not use).

I am pleased :)

Oranjepan said...


asquith said...

Hadn't heard of it before today.

The first thing I saw when I googled it was some bunch of fuckwits on Yahoo Answers moaning that it tastes the same as Weetabix. Surely the whole point is that it tastes the same, but is healthier.

People who "contribute" to that site should be stamped upon for the sake of humanity.


Hello Oranjepan - I'm seriously liking your orangeness and would like to become a follower please.

Oranjepan said...

Hello Gideon, please email me at the address on my profile page.