Sunday, 1 February 2009


As a recent entrant into the blogosphere it is interesting to read the stats made publicly available by others.

LibDem Voice advertises 23,696 and Liberal Burblings 7,024 absolute unique visitors during January.

These figures are quite impressive, but nothing compared to the heavyweights.

Wikio does something slightly different and uses an algorithm of recent links between sites as a way of measuring the relative influence different blogs have.

So I've been looking at my own and trying to glean information about how to manage NYOOTW and Reading List better. It'd do your head in if you tried to go chasing numbers and compete on the same territory as the market leaders, so as part of my ongoing evaluation I'm convinced it is best to just keep trying to carve out a niche for myself in order to provide a space for self-expression.

The explosion of activity at Reading List has been a bit of a shock considering I only started it up as a means to for me keep in touch with the local scene, but a large number of other people obviously already think the same which means it has a clear and viable audience. I see some potential, but I need to get the balance right.

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