Wednesday, 20 May 2009

8 Things I Hate


Cheers for the tag, Mark, but this is where it stops: a self-imposed contamination control order has been ordered

1) I hate other people's meme's
2) I hate talking about any pet hates of the moment, as this is far too restrictive
3) I hate spreading hate
4) I hate talking about myself
5) I hate myself for doing this
6) I hate the word hate, as it is usually insufficient and inadequate at describing the all-consuming, mind-numbing apoplexy I get when I feel it
7) I hate my own weaknesses, failings and inabilities (of which there are not a few)

Um, that's only seven... bugger it, I'll have to go for something simple which winds me up rotten and can be taken as symbolic of something more...

8) I hate people who ride bicycles on their heels.

Yeah, they're trying, but they're killing themselves in order to look like right-on, good eggs; they'll never get up that hill, they'll sprain something doing it and then they'll complain that cycling is too difficult while looking at you as though you are an idiot for encouraging them in the first place.

I knew this one girl who started to cycle in a blaze of health-consciousness and environmentally-fuelled do-goodery, but deliberately chose to wear block heels for this because she was afraid of slipping if she used the balls of her toes... even with hindsight (or probably because of it) this just makes me want to scream until I make you so sick you'll go out and find her to give a pointed three-point lesson in the hows and whys of body mechanics...

Now, tiny adjustments to essentially excellent things which spoil their purpose are two a penny in the world, but they all destroy any tenuous sense of sanity I have. If I concentrate too hard on them I'm sure I'll explode and need restraining. I'm losing focus and hyperventilating as I type this, so I better stop now...


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asquith said...


Detached houses

Spiked Online

Family obligations such as visiting relatives, etc

Being unable to talk about things I consider worthwhile & significant because no one around me knows/cares about them

American right-whingers

The Terry Eagleton, Madeleine Bunting etc. brigade

Anyone who talks about how much better things were in their day

People who exercise their right to buy & think owning a home makes them the centre of the known universe & they must advertise their superiority by big fuck-off decorations, which make their houses look even worse than they did when the council owned them

Various bloggers that I won't identify by name

Probably more- can't be arsed to think it up though, bit silly. Also, like yourself, I don't talk personal as it tends.