Sunday, 10 May 2009

Observations on Andrew Rawnsley

Strong stuff from uber-commentator Andrew Rawnsley.

That such a balanced, thoughful and diplomatic guy who used his skills to get right inside the Blairite movement and be taken as one of their own should so forcefully denounce the culture which pervaded around him (his obvious good feedings clearly weren't at the expenses trough) is damning indeed for Labour.

He scorns them. He is riled by them. He despairs of them.

It's at times like this that I see hope: Rawnsley's article identifies who has lost his respect, but more importantly he details with precision and efficiency why they have lost his respect.

Ensnared in the heart of Westminster's chattering classes he's been a bit slow sniffing the change of wind direction, but it's welcome and I might have to give the Observer another go if this is a sign that it is coming in from the cold (The Guardian is still far too chippy for me).

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