Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Howard admits gullibility is endemic in the Conservative party

A rather fascinating interview with the perennially shifty Michael Howard.

Sometimes I just don't understand what kind of political brain this man has - does he really think that a bumbling admission of credulousness is the way to gain respect?

But let's not forget this wasn't an isolated incident - Howard has plenty of form (from his 'semantic prestidigitation' and that interview with Paxman) and hardly a week goes by when the Conservatives are cheering the wrong side (whether it is Labour's abolition of the 10p tax band or the sacking of Professor Nutt).

Don't mistake me, some of their members are highly capable, but in their headlong rush to win power they consistently subordinate good sense for common sense and the desire to be seen as popular. And for all Cameron's talk of being a decentralising party their lack of considered policy detail belies a focus on personality and belief in 'strong leadership'.

This is backed up by increasing amounts of polling evidence showing their one true quality is that they aren't Labour.

The dark clouds continue to build on the horizon the Conservatives lack of proposed solutions to the major challenges to be faced in upcoming years fills everyone with dread - so it's no wonder that the possibility of a hung parliament is again coming under closer scrutiny.

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