Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Select Committee Watch - Electoral Reform

Even if you only watch the first three minutes of this you'll be far more impressed than the majority of anything you can see in either chamber.

Now I don't agree with John Major on many issues, and I was definitely no fan of the regime he ran for seven years (yeah, count 'em and try to forget it), but he is one of only two or three people who can speak with on-the-job experience and he has clearly also gained a fresh perspective since he stood down (not least he's humanised his speaking voice considerably, although he is still a bit too formal, stilted and artificial for my taste, although I'm encouraged by his choice of tie colour for an occasion he would fully aware is recorded).

Nevertheless the campaign for electoral reform has found a significant advocate in him and I agree that all normal people would caution against the "freakish government majorities" the current system throws up - maybe this is a coded warning to and against a potential Cameron government too!

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James Schneider said...

I quietly liked his performance. They weren't the worst 7 years either. Not pro-Major, but he looks pretty ok in comparison to some other occupants of No. 10.

P.S. I'm blogging again.