Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Crime and the fear of crime

You always know when a political party is on the ropes when they start ramping up fear of crime.

So it worth noting the ever excellent Mark Easton's refutation of Conservative claims about crime statistics.

I have to wonder whether their ability to obsess about pure statistics is at the expense of placing them in their proper context and whether they are doing so to create a support plank for their largely discredited 'Broken Britain' narrative.

It is always the easy option to select favorable statistics which appear to support your preferred worldview but this doesn't mean it it correct or the right thing to do, and it leaves the distinct impression that the people who are prepared to do so are more interested in getting or keeping their hands on the levers of power rather than making a real difference to society.

Tory FAIL.


Datablog provides the data. As they say, "using them for political purposes is a risky business" - especially since their integrity has been in question for 152 years.

Beau Bo D'Or provides the satire

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