Tuesday, 16 February 2010

On the menu

Sometimes you have to trust to pot-luck when going to a new restaurant - you have to trust in the chef's ability to mix and match flavours.

And so it is with my blog menu - it creates an odd conjunction when I read several disparate blogs one after the other - and to show you what I mean I'll bring together a collection of just four courses which I managed to consume one after the other...

It starts with a catch-up entree from Nee-Naw's pitifully human history of a regular caller known as Banana-Man.

Mr London Street's excellently funny description of his sex-ed classes provides a rich main course filled with tender shock and smut.

But Marty Klien's yum-yummery watching the winter olympics with all those fit young athletes in figure-hugging costumes definitely reinvigorated the palate.

And it was all finished up with the distilled liquer of Steve Borthwick's amusement at the content of radical Islamic indoctrination.

Now if you don't find that sort of menu satisfying then you're probably eating at the wrong restaurant...

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