Thursday, 24 December 2009

Angry post about the weather

Sorry folks, need to let off some steam.

Usually I love a chill winter, being a winter's child and all, but the last few days have been frigging manic.

It's not so much the conditions that've got me, or the way people have a black sense of humour in the face of the worst. What gets me is the miserable failure of three inch thick sheet ice across all the pavements and no blimming peep from anyone taking responsibility for dealing with it.

Walking down the hill earlier it was simply easier to give up and slide down on my backside (yes, the hill is that steep and no, it wouldn't be on a priority list for gritting any time this century).

I've seen numerous comic and massively scary moments when crowds of people skated along and cars nearly slid off the road in front of me, but I'm completely fed up with it.

I know the war on terror tried to get us all to bunker in our cellars through fear, but being free to step outside our front doors is a very basic human necessity for life and I really don't think it is healthy to allow fear of weather to become a reason to barricade the doors and repeat meaninglees chores for hours on end.

I know the thaw will come eventually, but I can't wait for that and accept a grinding halt to overcome everything and I don't think it is reasonable to risk broken bones with every step - all because stupid authorities can't manage budgets properly.

I know I mention my personal gripe - but this isn't just me or the dancing drunks at the end of the street who couldn't stand up anyway. This isn't just some lone wierdo freaking out and nursing bruises in soggy clothes.

It is the state of precarious balance of a whole society treading on thin ice hoping it cracks before our nerve does and we all just admit defeat. Angry is much more productive.

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