Friday, 11 December 2009

Can't see the trees for the Woods

Well I guess I should finally get round to mentioning it.

Yup, Tiger Woods private life is the topic of discussion all over.

Yeah, the public loves a good sex scandal, even better when it involves a self-made billionaire who broke down all sorts of barriers and his wife enacting symbolic retribution via his tool of choice (by that I mean using his golf club to smash in the window of his flash car and whatever else...) as a proxy for our own disabused sense of forfeited self-entitlement.

Yawn, he's getting away with getting his end away with multiple nubile young groupies who think it makes them special because he feels he needs to prove he's not losing what made him so special in the first place and in the mean time is potentially actively throwing it all away to the circling school of sharks (media, lawyers, anyone who can get a piece of action...).

Life lived in the fast lane is always subject to the sort of pressures which can derail anyone's sense of self, and it provides a dramatic backdrop to the rest of the world's more mundane daily normality to give us all a sense of context for our own choices.

We are all hypocritical gossip-mongers... at least when we get round to pillow talk when we let out our private insecurities without having to deflect attention from ourselves by talking about the lives of the rich and famous.

So once again I have to agree with the fantastic Marty Klein, that this is not about him, it's about us - it's always about us!

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