Thursday, 3 December 2009

Series: Integrate Or Die!

NYOOTW gives a clear indication of having stepped a long way off the beaten track and got lost in the figurative jungle, so in keeping with the modern diplomats' desire to have a 'roadmap' on which to chart progress to the desired goal I think I've come up with a plan - to write a series.

International integration is something which has been running through my mind for a while now, and since I had this exchange on SchneiderHome I've felt it's an area which I could focus on more closely.

I've been looking for a particular topic to put this blog to and stop the meandering, so in my own overblown hyperbolic way I've tried to condense my ideas into a form which gives a semblance of what it is I'm trying to say: I'm going to call it 'Integrate Or Die!'


Integrate Or Die!

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