Friday, 16 January 2009

Diggin' a hole for yourself

Amidst the high drama and overblown outrage at Westminster yesterday Sir Digby Jones left office complaining that he isn't sufficiently heavyweight to do the job.

Jones has been in the job for a measly 16 months tasked with overseeing simple things like hiring and firing of staff covering the portfolio of increasing and encouraging business investment, yet it appears he became unhappy that staff refused to listen to him.

As former head of the CBI he would on first glance be ideally qualified for the position and well used to running a representative organisation.

Yet he left with the claim that "...the job could be done with half as many [people]. It could be more productive; more efficient; it could deliver a lot more value for money to the tax-payer."

He added "We don't need more regulation; we need better regulation, properly enforced," offering a hint that the causes of the current economic troubles.

Hang on a minute there, wasn't he charged with ministerial responsible for this mess he was complaining about? Was he delivering a mea culpa? Does he feel the burden of disgrace he is admitting to? No, not a bit of it - Sir Digby Jones complains that the fault lies with the culture of civil service - does the man not know the meaning of the word responsibility?

He left with the 'stinging riposte' that he was "amazed at the number of people who deserved the sack."

Yes, Mr Jones, but did you include yourself in that list?

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