Thursday, 1 January 2009

Party animals

Have you ever been to a party when you were the only person who isn't drunk?

This was the situation I found myself in last night and it was odd indeed!

In years past I would often be the first person to start making a fool of myself by falling over or by saying something gauche and ridiculous. But yesterday I stood on the sidelines entertained by the others around me, happy for once to avoid being the centre of attention.

I've seen gatherings get out of control as the crowd becomes intoxicated by the atmosphere - even to the extent where the shyest wallflower has run outside to jump on the roof of the neighbour's car and start everyone else off dancing in the street.

The same principle holds for political parties when usually sensible members feel empowered to do things which they would not be able to justify on their own terms.

So it was interesting to reverse positions for once and gain a new perspective on the happenings. It also lead to a fun outcome as I got into conversation with a fascinating person whom I'd otherwise probably not even bothered to speak to, let alone find out anything about... sometimes we don't even consider the alternative outcomes if we make different choices.

So today when I was watching the most quotable Casablanca I was reminded of this and wistfully reminisced of what might be/have been: this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!

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