Monday, 12 January 2009

Requests taken: submit here

I notice that I've received a spike in visitors over recent days.

While I'm grateful to all of you who have visited I also hope that you can help me in responding to your interests, queries and concerns.

So if there is any subject on which you wish to know my unreliable opinions, or a subject thread you want me to kick off discussion about then please comment below.

This blog is relatively new and is still establishing itself. I really think a good blog depends more on it's readership at least as much as the author, so in the interests of fair and open-mindedness I'm giving you the opportunity to help shape the direction it takes...

...if you've got a request, here's where to make it.

Remember, a good idea is a good idea wherever it comes from.


Charlotte Gore said...

I think you're supposed to just write about whatever you want to write about, and that's either interesting or not. ;)

Not very helpful I'm afraid is it?

But you do tend to quickly work out what stuff works and what doesn't. I very quickly realised that writing about Labour gets absolutely no reaction or response from anyone at all, so I stopped doing those kinds of posts.

Oranjepan said...

And there I was taking inspiration from all your 'user-generated' talk!

No, really...

...if ever you wonder 'what would an overgrown ape think of this?' then this post is somewhere to return to to draw it to my attention.

Charlotte Gore said...

ah right, I see :) whoops.

Well the basic plan is to generate content as normal (random whim), but to elevate the quality responses to sort of blog posts of in their own right, which would generate and earn responses of their own I suspect. It would create lots of decent content, break discussions up into logical chunks and create a great incentive for people to write thoughtful comments. If such a thing took off and attracted attention it would be a wonderful way for new bloggers to draw attention to themselves, I think.

Oranjepan said...

Absolutely. I fully agree with you on this and it seems to be working for me.

The other side of the bargain however is to have efficient feedback by maintaining a dialogue between audience and author.

I think that while I'm only just getting started this is something I may need more than someone who's already established their own idiosyncratic style or perspective.

asquith said...

Write a post explaining why you call yourself Oranjepan.

Oranjepan said...

Excellent, will do.

Enjoy Edinburgh!

asquith said...

Hope so! I leave tomorrow morning, like.

DavidNcl said...


Don't strive for originality or passion - that's tough stuff. It stopped me for years - how could I even begin to be as incisive as Hazlitt or whoever.

Just be open and strive for clarity.

It's much harder that it looks isn't it?